Pack in the Face by Milly Taiden (ePUB)

pack in face, milly taiden

Pack in the Face (Paranormal Dating Agency #51) by Milly Taiden – Free eBooks Download


Wolf shifter Kyle Grayson is a scientist who only loves doing experiments in his lab. Alone. The pack Alpha has some lone wolf tendencies. His sister forces him to visit The Breezeway Resort on Gerri Wilder’s recommendation. Kyle only agrees to go because he’ll lock himself in his room with work. That’ll teach fate to intervene with science!
Under her stepfather’s rule, Jenna Levine’s family business isn’t what it used to be. She’s the resort’s dance professional, and she needs to work! When a grumpy visitor cancels a private lesson, Jenna goes right to his room to lead him to the dance floor. How was she supposed to know her would-be student would be tall, dark, and delicious?
Kyle cannot believe the dance teacher who barges into his room is his mate. Fighting fate is useless – especially when there’s an evil plot to ruin his mate’s life. They will have to uncover decades’ worth of lies to get to the truth. They’ll have to dance through a mess before getting their happily ever after. If they can both get there…alive.

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