Pack Dutton, Part 1 by Megan Cain (ePUB)

pack dutton, megan cain

Pack Dutton, Part 1 (Hannah McBride) by Megan Cain – Free eBooks Download


Biology’s a bitch, and I’m the punchline.
I spent the first eighteen years of my life thinking I was a beta. But when my omega designation hit, my uncle had already sold me to a cult of alpha worshiping psychos. When their leader decides to claim me as his fifth wife, I realize I’m never getting out.

Until my saviors appear in the form of an FBI pack that raids the compound and saves me.
Crew, Rhett, Kellan, and Jude aren’t what I expected, but they might be exactly what I need to survive the new world I’m thrown into. Omega rights are being decimated by new laws at every turn, and when you’re a trophy for the highest bidder, there’s no such thing as playing fair.
But the one thing I am sure of? Pack Dutton is playing for keeps, and I’m the prize.

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