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overcome, chloe adler

Overcome (Shadow Sisters #3) by Chloe Adler – Free eBooks Download


Always the vampire, never the bride.

Burgundy Rosales. Vampire. Dominatrix…Lonely. After the last of her group of friends get married, Burgundy is trying her hardest to be happy for them. But for blue-bloodtini’s sake, even her father just got engaged to his new much younger––witchy––girlfriend, while Burg still has no one. When all seems lost, the new dancer at work asks Burgundy if she’d be willing to help her and her husband explore his darker side. Perfect. As a Domme, she has no trouble teaching the sexy couple just how to please her, and what was only supposed to be a sensual distraction from being lonely, turns into something more.
Surprisingly, her father moves to Edge––which is what Burg has always wanted but not with his new “family” tagging along. Neither her imminent step-monster or the woman’s daughter give off a Brady Bunch vibe. And now Burgundy feels she’s lost the one person who swore he’d love her forever. Her own father.
She doesn’t think things can get much worse, but soon her dad stirs up trouble in all aspects of Burg’s life. He orchestrates the townsfolk to turn against the werewolves, his new fiancée to hate Burgundy, and pits Burg against her new lovers. Blood might be thicker than water, but happiness has to mean something, and somehow, Burgundy has to choose whose side she’s on.

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