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Outshone (Her Royal Harem: Ember #3) by Catherine Banks – Free eBooks Download


In the gripping finale of “Her Royal Harem: Ember,” tensions escalate as Ember and her pack are thrust into the roles of King and Queen of the Hybrids, their reign teetering on the brink of destruction. The haunting specter of loss looms large, casting a shadow over their newfound sovereignty.
As Ember and her mates grapple with the aftermath of a brutal battle, the fragile peace is shattered by the arrival of an orphaned hybrid child. Can Ember and her mates navigate the uncharted waters of family life while holding their pack together?
To solidify their reign, Ember and her pack must attend the Summit. Here, the final remnants of the Hybrid Eradication (H.E.) launch a desperate assault, threatening not only Ember’s pack, but the very fabric of unity among the Other clans.
Battles rage on multiple fronts – the war-torn landscape of their past, the uncharted mysteries of a distant island, and the uncharted territory of parenthood. The weight of destiny bears down on Ember’s shoulders, and the question remains: will their pack crumble beneath the pressure, or will they rise to fulfill their destined place in history?
In this thrilling finale, “Outshone – Her Royal Harem: Ember” delivers a rollercoaster of emotions, action-packed sequences, and the powerful theme of resilience in the face of adversity. As Ember’s pack confronts their inner demons and external foes, the choices they make will determine not just their own fates but the future of all hybrids. Will they succumb to the overwhelming challenges, or will they stand tall, united, and embrace the destiny that awaits them? Join Ember and her pack as they fight for their lives, their love, and the future of the hybrid clan.

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