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Outcast (Her Royal Harem: Ember #1) by Catherine Banks – Free eBooks Download


When love and danger collide in the woods, can Ember resist the allure of the outcast hybrids and a charming prince?

In the heart of a once-tranquil forest, Ember’s peaceful haven for healing wounded creatures shatters as cursed beings attack. A stealthy cheetah, a witty tiger, and a stalwart bear—all burdened by their mixed lineage—arrive at her doorstep, their wounds a testament to the community’s disdain for their existence.
As Ember tends to these wounded outcasts, the charming Prince Caleb disrupts her solitary world even more. His unwavering determination to assist Ember awakens emotions she never expected, blurring the lines between duty and desire.
Caught in the whirlwind of a mystery that threatens everything she holds dear, Ember grapples with painful truths about her own past. Can she unravel the conspiracy behind the cursed creatures while protecting the hybrids and the sanctuary she’s built? Ember’s journey is a dance between the safety of solitude and the allure of a world she’s tried so hard to avoid. Will she emerge from the shadows, triumphant, or be forever consumed by the darkness that threatens to engulf her newfound connections?

In this tale of love, loyalty, and self-discovery, Ember must navigate the intricate web of her heart’s desires, confront the prejudices of her community, and confront the shadows that threaten to tear apart the delicate fabric of her carefully constructed world. As the stakes rise and the lines blur, Ember’s quest becomes a poignant exploration of identity, acceptance, and the enduring power of connection in the face of adversity. Will she succumb to the safety of solitude, or will she find the courage to embrace a destiny forged in the fire of her own choices?

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