Oracles Always Win by Lori Ames (ePUB)

oracles always win, lori ames

Oracles Always Win (Willow Lake Supernaturals #3) by Lori Ames – Free eBooks Download


Jake believes he is absolutely and completely ordinary… But what if he isn’t?
Jake is absolutely, completely ordinary, even if he has a weird painting affliction. Painting is relaxing, right? It helps. It’s a form of art therapy. Even if his is the sub-conscious kind of painting. The middle-of-the-night, paint-while-you-sleep kind. The kind that makes him puke every single time it happens.
Okay. So, maybe that’s not exactly normal.
But when the sexy but imaginary guy with horns, who his weird painterly alter-ego has been fixated on for the last year, suddenly shows up in town with horns and all, Jake doesn’t know what to think. Especially when the not-so-imaginary guy claims he’s a demon and that Jake’s an oracle of all things. That’s when Jake begins to suspect his life is never going to be the same again.
After all, he mentioned the horns, right?

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