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open arms, tina hogan grant

Open Arms (The Sabela #7) by Tina Hogan Grant – Free eBooks Download


Claire had so many reasons to be happy.
She and Travis Kent were newlyweds and were about to have the grand opening for their new business, the children’s home, and adoption agency,
For the first few days after her wedding, Claire wore a radiant smile and her beauty shined, and then the nightmares began.
Haunted by the loss of her brother, Davin, whom she had disowned because of the terrible crimes he had committed, Claire soon discovered that she had divided emotions when handling Davin’s death.
She understood why many were relieved of his death after the horrible things he had done, including her good friend Sabela, who’d been a victim of his crimes.
But Claire soon came to realize that it wasn’t that easy for her; after all, she’d just lost her only brother. It was something she couldn’t deny or share with Sabela—how would she understand?
On a road trip with her new husband, Travis, childhood memories were triggered, and the loss of her brother weighed heavily on her mind.
And when a dark memory revealed a secret Davin took to his grave, Claire’s emotions spiraled out of control—how would she cope?
Would she be able to move forward with the grand opening of Open Arms and be the mother the children needed? A place that she, Travis, Slater, and Sabela had worked so hard for. Or would all of her hopes and dreams be destroyed?

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