Only the Clonely by Ruby Dixon (ePUB)

only the clonely, ruby dixon

Only the Clonely (Sunrise Cantina #1) by Ruby Dixon – Free eBooks Download


The crew of the Scarlet Gaze are figuring out what they want to do now that Lord Straik sa’Rin is no longer running a corsair ship. Some of the a’ani crew want to run a cantina on Risda III.

Kazex just wants Ruthie.

Ruthie just wants to have a nervous breakdown.

Well, she wants Kazex, too. The delicious a’ani chief of security has been a steady, protective, delicious presence ever since she joined the crew. He’s made it clear that he loves Ruthie as she is, nervous wreck and all. But Ruthie’s afraid of what will happen to their easy friendship if she asks for more. What if kissing his tattoos and touching his sinful body changes things? It’s too late for flirting – now it’s time for forever. And forever terrifies her.

The only thing more terrifying? Missing her chance with Kazex entirely.

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