Once Upon a Beast by MacKenzie Stowe (ePUB)

once upon beast, mackenzie stowe

Once Upon a Beast (The Billionaire Fairy Tales #2) by MacKenzie Stowe – Free eBooks Download


Meet Layla Brown, a fiercely independent and intelligent young woman who is living her dream as an employee of the New York City Public Library. And Nicodemus Murphy, a brooding and enigmatic billionaire who has hidden from life and the woman he loves for years, his childhood friend, Layla.
When a scandal threatens to ruin Nic’s career, he and Layla are forced to see each other again. Old wounds and unrequited love come to the surface, causing the friends to comfort their past and embark on a love neither thought was possible.
Nicodemus and Layla’s bond strengthens as he battles his inner struggles, finding peace in her unconditional love. But will it last? When his past and misdeeds catch up with him, can he trust the love he and Layla have found to get through it? Or will doubt and deception keep the two lovers apart?
With a rich tapestry of modern themes and steamy romance, this enchanting retelling will captivate your heart. This poignant reimagining explores the transformative power of love and the resilience of the human spirit.

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