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On the Run (Whispering Key #2) by May Archer – Free eBooks Download


I was supposed to be partying with a bunch of celebrities in paradise this week, okay?
But then I made one teeny, tiny error in judgement before leaving New York, and suddenly the paparazzi expected me to give a command performance as “the other man” in their straight celebrity “outing” of the week.
Um, no, precious. So much no.
Instead, I did what any self-respecting, secret-keeping man would do in that situation: I cancelled my trip and fled New York to hide out in the last place anyone would look for me–a weird little Florida island where nothing exciting ever happened.
Or at least it didn’t… until I arrived.
Now I find myself shacked up with my fake boyfriend Beale Goodman, Whispering Key’s most adorable, most enormous, most virginal cinnamon roll—a guy who rescues feral cats, believes in soulmates, and talks about happiness like it’s free for the taking.
A guy who nearly convinces me, with every smile and kiss, that it is.
Stranger still? I find myself falling for the people on the island. Fitting in, instead of sticking out. Making, you know… friends. And for the first time ever, I think I’ve found something I want to run to, rather than from…
As long as I can keep my secrets from catching up with me.

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