Omegas Need by Sienna Sway (ePUB)

omegas need, sienna sway

Omegas Need (Lunar City: Novella) by Sienna Sway – Free eBooks Download


Wren and I found each other in our darkest times. Things didn’t get much brighter after that, but having him means more to me, and feels like more than anything an alpha has ever offered.
I know that two omegas have no business clinging to each other the way that we do, like its life support, but there’s no way I’ll ever let him go. I know it doesn’t make sense, but I only want Wren.
Until the alpha Chase enters our lives and changes everything…

Being a street omega comes with servicing alphas, but ever since being with my Manny, all of them feel wrong and neither of us will continue with that life except when our heats force us to. Even if no one approves, the passion and love I have for Manny is unmatchable… until the mysterious alpha Chase takes us into his car that first night when I’m in heat.
He understands us, knows how to give us both what we need so that we can finally feel whole. But Chase has a shadow over him too. Can two street omegas really be what he needs? And can the three of us be stronger together?

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