Omega Seeks Quiet Life by Maggie Hemlock (ePUB)

omega seeks quiet life, maggie hemlock

Omega Seeks Quiet Life (The New Hemlock Wolf Pack Saga #18) by Maggie Hemlock – Free eBooks Download


Omega vampire, Sheldon Lost Fang, desperately wants a quiet life. No, strike that. He needs it. Whether it’s a curse or a blessing from his ancestors his super-hearing has caused him more trouble than it’s worth. When hunting in the woods outside of his coven’s stronghold leads him through an Other World gateway he’ll have to choose between a quiet life and one where he’s surrounded by people he loves.
Travis Knight-Hemlock is on a mission to rectify the mistakes of his past. Misinformed or not, he has a lot to make up to his brother for his part in the spoof-video. Travis didn’t count on his true-mate stumbling out in front of his car on the highway and changing his life forever. Only fate has always chased after his family in the strangest ways.
Will love be enough to overcome everything fate has tossed their way?

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