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oliver, clara cruise

Oliver (CARTER Brothers #1) by Clara Cruise – Free eBooks Download


A strong – and clumsy – woman meets love in the most unexpected of places.
A handsome young CEO runs into a beauty in his own hospital.
The journey of love and discovery begins.

Mia has always been clumsy, so she isn’t surprised – though she is really, really annoyed – when she manages to hurt herself on her job at a diner so bad that she has to seek medical assistance. What does surprise her is that a man she meets at the hospital brings out thoughts and feelings she has long ago buried. For a good reason.
When the billionaire and the CEO of Adonis Memorial Hospital, Oliver Carter, runs into a petite, curvaceous, and frankly gorgeous blonde, he finds her irresistible. Mia is everything he has ever dreamed of in a woman – and more. However, while their fondness is growing, the troubles arise.

With her feelings and dreams awake once again, Mia is forced to face her inner turmoil. But can she explain to Oliver what she’s feeling, and why she’s feeling that way? How can she tell him about everything that made her bury her own emotions? Their journey on their trail of love and discovering what it means to be truly in love with another person has begun…but will it take them to a life of blissful happiness, or a heartbreak?

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