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Old-Fashioned (Virgin Mary’s #1) by Tiffany Casper – Free eBooks Download


When Birdie Vergano was little, she dreamed of being a princess. Of hearing stories from her little classmates.
She dreamed of experiencing things they also did.
However, none of them had a mother like she did.
And none of them lived next to a woman who turned out to be her guardian angel.
Years later, that guardian angel did something, and she forever cemented herself firmly inside Birdie’s heart.
Wanting to find the same peacefulness, the same ever-lasting view that the world is a marvelous place, that it is what you make of it, she headed to a little town called Holly Springs.
What Birdie never imagined would happen, of course, she had dreamed of it happening, happened.
For Abel Black, he only cared about the things most important to him, his two brothers, his bar, his house and land, and keeping his heart carefully guarded.
His heart had been chewed up and spit out, more times than he could count.
However, what he never planned on was a four-foot-eleven powerhouse, with curves in all the right places, long black hair, simply doing nothing more, than winking at him, giving him those bedroom eyes without realizing it.
He had tried to hold himself back.
She was younger than him.
Much younger than him.
Only… fate didn’t seem to care about that.
In the slightest.

HEA. Spicy. Age-Gap. Grumpy/Sunshine. Small-Town Romance. No Cheating.

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