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Richmond – The last time I saw Gavin Powell, he was a shy, nerdy kid headed off to college with his best friend Wade (who happens to be my son). Now he’s back four years later and he’s all man. He’s intelligent, confident, hilarious and hot as hell. And totally off limits. He’s my son’s best friend for shit’s sake. So why can’t I stop thinking about him?

Gavin – Ever since I discovered I was gay, I’ve had a crush on Richmond Holt, who happens to be my best friend’s dad. And I don’t mean an innocent school boy crush of blushes and giggles. I mean the raging, wet dream causing, fantasizing about our wedding kind of crush. I’ve always dreamed he would be mine, but he always saw me as the nerdy kid who hung around his son. So, I put those dreams on the back burner and went off to college, where I gained confidence, experience, and hell, I’ll just say it, a smoking hot body. I also got my degree and am starting a great new career. Now I see the way Richmond looks at me from across the room. I see the interest in his eyes…as well as the apprehension. But I know I can make him happy if he lets go of his memories of that nerdy boy and sees me as the man I am today. I’ve got him in my sights and am ready to make my lifelong dream of loving him a reality.

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