Of War and Realms by Dakota Monroe (ePUB)

of war realms, dakota monroe

Of War and Realms (The Curse of Gods #3) by Dakota Monroe – Free eBooks Download


In the finale to the Curse of Gods series, Of War and Realms drives Nell and her soul bonds into a stirring climax. Wrestling with the scars of their past traumas, the trio faces their toughest challenges yet. Nell stands at a crossroads; her soul calling to Casmir and Emrys, yet her life’s purpose pulling her toward divine ascension.
The choice between fated love and her preordained path grows ever more daunting as Andras unleashes chaos, opening the bridge to a new realm and threatening the very fabric of their world. Reunited with her parents after twenty-five years, Nell confronts a torrent of unresolved emotions, compelling her to weigh her future like never before.
The war for the realms is a clash of wills, where loyalty and love are the ultimate weapons. In the end, Nell’s decisions could either save those she loves or cost them everything.

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