Of Spies and Shadow by K.L. Ziggler (ePUB)

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Of Spies and Shadow (Magic and Monsters #1) by K.L. Ziggler – Free eBooks Download


For months, Tove has been running. Running for her life, running from home, and running before anyone can get close. Fleeing meant going to a new continent, far from anyone who fears her magic as a shadow-wielder—including those who want her dead. Her only desire is a fresh start.

But her chance at a new life is thwarted when she’s captured by the sultan for a dangerous task: becoming his informant during treaty negotiations. Her magic and background make her the perfect tool against visitors from her homeland, putting her in proximity to people who’d gut her if they discovered her magic.
Trapped and posing as a courtesan for the commander of the guard, Tove discovers things in her new kingdom are not what they seem: not the sultan, not the court, not the motivations for the treaty, and not the loyal commander Kaolum she’s supposed to be spying on. As dangerous attacks occur within the palace, it isn’t only Tove’s fresh start on the line, but her life, too.
To survive the palace and earn her freedom, Tove will have to decide who and what she can trust: her connections within the court, the powers that put her on the run in the first place, and the passion and desire Kaolum ignites within her.

Or, most importantly, whether she’s willing to trust anyone ever again.

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