Of Scars and Secrets by E.B. Brown (ePUB)

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Of Scars and Secrets (Time Walkers Tales #2) by E.B. Brown – Free eBooks Download


In this vibrant fantasy, E.B. Brown continues the story of Nicholas and Sophia, two lovers forever bound together by time and fate.

The moment Nicholas sauntered into my life, the trajectory of my future became irrevocably tangled with his. No, I would not change it, yet the adjustment was fluid, ever developing, and each day with him at my side made me hungry for more.
Knowing the date of your demise was not an easy cross to bear, and Sophia had no choice but to accept her fate. Yet when Nicholas Neilsson crashed into her life, everything changed. Her practical, planned, and orchestrated existence was abruptly shattered, replaced with the temptation of hope and a future with the incorrigible rogue at her side.
Nicholas never intended to involve Sophia in his plans, but now he cannot envision a life without her. From the rolling hills of seventeenth-century Virginia and the hallowed streets of the modern-day historical district of Philadelphia, Nicholas will not rest until he knows the woman he loves more than life itself is safe. His bond with her is the catalyst that sets forth a dangerous chain of events, sending them on a journey that will test the limits of family, faith, and love, in this second Time Walkers Tales story.

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