Of Glass and Lavender by K. R. Rainbolt (ePUB)

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Of Glass and Lavender (The Ascension Rising #1) by K. R. Rainbolt – Free eBooks Download


Death always wins.
That’s a lesson I’m learning the hard way, as I race to figure out a way to outrun death. The problem is death doesn’t play fair, and each day it gets closer to what it wants most… Me. Time’s ticking, and I’m out of places to hide. The only option I have left is entrust my life to four of the most devastatingly handsome, and dangerous, men I’ve ever met.
Vampires. They’re walking embodiments of sin and power, with scars that run as deep as my own. Putting my life in their hands is risky at best, and trusting them with my heart is completely out of the question. Now with fractured memories of my past looming over me and death on my heels, I have no choice but to fight for my life if I want to keep it. What else am I going to do, die trying?
It wouldn’t be the first time.

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