Of Exile and Song by Tiffany Hunt (ePUB)

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Of Exile and Song (Wanderers of Ruin #1) by Tiffany Hunt – Free eBooks Download


I’ve been hunted my whole life.

I am part siren, a hated half-breed. Forced to live in hiding, I use magic to steal and avoid the mages who would punish me for what I am. In a land ravaged by war, it’s the only way to survive. The only way to feed my family.

I can change my destiny.
But when tragedy happens and the mages catch up with me, I am badly outnumbered, and if it weren’t for the appearance of a stranger, I might have found myself sold to the nearest freak show, or worse. But this mysterious man doesn’t help me out of the kindness of his heart. He’s after something that could change my family’s life forever. And I would be a fool not to help him while I try to steal it for myself.

If only my heart doesn’t get in the way.
We form a tentative alliance, and suddenly, my hopes and dreams are within reach. I’ll do anything to save my family, and that includes betraying a perfect stranger. So I shouldn’t like when Col brushes his hand against mine, or when his voice encourages me to obey. These are only distractions, and I can’t afford to forget what’s at stake.

But Col has a secret, one that will upend our quest and plunge us into harrowing danger. And I must choose between duty to my family… and duty to my heart.

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