Obey: Kings of California 2 by KL Donn (ePUB)

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Obey: Kings of California 2 (Kings of the Underworld #3) by KL Donn – Free eBooks Download


One look is all it takes. She’s mine.

The day I found Soren Chambers was one of the worst days of her life.
A bank robbery had left me shot twice and her covered in my blood.
While unconscious and bleeding out, I have the thought of when I’ll see her again.
I’m nothing if not persistent and claiming Soren is the only thing I want.
But it’s not quite as simple as I’d intended.
Her parents are marrying her off to some crooked lawyer, but she won’t cooperate.
Instead, my woman looks to me for things she shouldn’t even know about.
She begs me to keep her.
And keep her, I will.
After an attempt on her life, I lock Soren away, not letting her out of my sight.
My sweet girl has strength and fights me at every turn, however.
So the moment I give her freedom, she’s taken.
What’s worse is that the man who stole her plans to take out his hatred for me on her innocent body.

I am Adonis Lorde, and I don’t bargain, barter, or trade. I’ll make you obey with every fiber of your being before turning you loose to heaven or hell.

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