Now That I’m Dead by S.C Jones (ePUB)

now that dead, sc jones

Now That I’m Dead (Dead or Alive #2) by S.C Jones – Free eBooks Download


She called on death once but was saved by a stranger. Who’s going to save her now when death comes on its own?
My eyes open and the room is out of focus. Fuzzy lines dance across a space on the white wall in front of me as I blink hard trying to regain a clearer picture. Once my eyes open again, I can see more clearly, but my head spins from an oncoming headache that drums along my temple making its slow descent to the back of my head. This room again, so white and blinding it’s nauseating.
I’m tired of being here.
I need to leave.
I have to find a way out.
The thoughts swirl in my head but moving feels so hard today, since my body aches. I move my arm but hiss when I feel this burning sensation in the crease of my elbow. I look closer, examining the red bruise near an entanglement of veins that illuminate bright green under my skin. I’ve been injected with something, more than once by the looks of it. Whoever is keeping me here has been drugging me and it makes sense. My body feels weak, my head pounds, and I’m constantly nauseous.
It’s all side effects.
Whatever they gave me disagrees with me, but they don’t care. I feel like a deteriorating corpse and all I want to do is yell for it to stop.
But I can’t yell. I don’t have a voice in here.
My throat is so dry it burns while my stomach tries to gnaw its way out of my body from hunger.
Is this why I’m here?
Is this where I die?
Considering I almost died three months ago, life is good.
Now that my wound is healed, high school is over and summer has arrived I’m eager to spend the next three weeks in Spain with Collen.
The man of my literal dreams come to life.
Every day between us is a fun and exciting adventure because that’s what falling in love is.
An adventure.
But what happens when this adventure takes a turn that neither of us sees coming?

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