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Noticing Nate (Pine Ridge #5) by Shae Michaels – Free eBooks Download


My life is a shambles. My long-term relationship just ended, I left the Air Force, I’ve been crashing on my buddy’s couch for the last three months, and now…I’ve lost the one person I loved more than any other. The only sense of direction I’m able to find is a wedding invitation from the cousin I haven’t seen in over sixteen years. I’ve nothing left to uproot, but will traveling to some place I’ve never heard of, to reconnect with the only relative I’ve got left that I give a damn about, be the answer to what’s next in my life? Will Pine Ridge, Wisconsin be the place where I find myself again?

I’ve spent the entirety of my life being overlooked, forgotten…invisible. You’d think a six-and-a-half-foot man wouldn’t go through life so unnoticed, but that seems to be my fate. All I want is for someone to finally see me, to want to get to know me, to not move on to someone more interesting. But I never would’ve anticipated that I’d be on my way to a friend’s wedding when someone finally does see me; so much so, he almost hits me with his car. But will Elias’ attention stay fixed on me or will he, like everyone else does, wind up forgetting I even exist?

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