Nothing’s Gonna STAHP Us by Crista Crown (ePUB)

nothing's gonna stahp us, crista crown

Nothing’s Gonna STAHP Us by Crista Crown, Susi Hawke – Free eBooks Download


I’ve seen a lot of shit in my time with STAHP and I thought I was prepared for anything. But when a sassy, green-haired omega marched into my office demanding my help with a trafficking case, I knew I was in trouble. Because one sniff told me the brave little spitfire was my fated mate. Jesse’s got a smart mouth, a reckless streak a mile wide, and a heart too big for his own good. He drives me crazy in all the best and worst ways. Now all I can think about is keeping him safe while we work to take down the sick fucks preying on innocent omegas.
Of course, my headstrong mate has no intention of letting me wrap him in bubble wrap, even after he’s abducted by the very assholes we’re chasing. As the danger mounts and shocking betrayals threaten to tear STAHP apart from the inside out, I’m in a race against time to protect what’s mine and destroy this sadistic operation once and for all.

This is the fifth book in an mpreg series about the attempts of a dangerous group of ruthless vigilantes to go lawful… with dubious success. Expect all the pulse-pounding action, scorching heat, and satisfying justice you’ve come to expect from a STAHP novel—along with a healthy dose of snark, found family feels, and two stubborn shifters learning to trust in the power and strength of true love. Not to mention a very special little surprise that will change their lives forever!

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