Not So Truly Yours by Julia Wolf (ePUB)

not so truly yours, julia wolf

Not So Truly Yours (The Harder They Fall #4) by Julia Wolf – Free eBooks Download


The first time I met Miles Aldrich, he stole my cupcakes.
The second time, I handed him a bill for what he owed me. He’s a billionaire after all. He can afford it.
The third time we met… well, that was the biggest surprise of all. I walked into his office looking for help with a business plan. But I somehow walked out… with a fake boyfriend.
Miles claims the plan is simple: he’ll lend me his powerful family’s reputation by posing as my boyfriend. I’ll gain important contacts, and he’ll have someone by his side so he doesn’t have to make excuses for why he’s not dating anyone.
For one whole summer, Miles Aldrich is not so truly mine. The real man behind the smooth lines and flirty smiles is nothing like I assumed.
He’s sunshine in a tall, gorgeous package.
He kisses me like his life depends on it.
Logically, I know this relationship of ours isn’t real.
But the problem is… the feelings he’s bringing out in me are true as can be.

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