Nobody’s Darlin’ by Sarah Blue (ePUB)

nobody's darling, sarah blue

Nobody’s Darlin’ (Dead Palms MC) by Sarah Blue – Free eBooks Download


Time is running out.

Lily’s heat is nearing fast, and she’s forbidden from pursuing the pack she truly wants.

Life on the compound isn’t good enough for an Omega like Lily. At least that’s what she’s consistently told by the Prez of the Dead Palms MC, who just so happens to be her stepfather. But Lily never was one to follow the rules.
With new members patching into Dead Palms, it seems like Lily’s luck might turn with club members willing to break the rules with her and form a pack. But when one of them is your estranged stepbrother, a nomad no one trusts, and a Beta who needs to reign in his temper, all hell might just break loose.

Lies, club rifts, and pure mayhem stand between Lily and the men she knows she should be with. Only time will tell if the club will survive the betrayal and if they’re strong enough to form the bonds they all desperately want.

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