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Early in the morning, the sun shined in the small garden, the shadows of the trees swayed, a golden ray of sunlight penetrated the forest and fell on a beautiful European-style villa with red tiles and white walls.
The two-story villa, on the right side, has a ground-level window covered by dark brown curtains. The morning sunlight only shines through the window curtains, dipping a layer of vague light. Inside seems a bit dark, the space is so quiet that you can hear the sound of moving air.
TK was lying on the large bed in the middle of the room, all around was dim, but he just needed to lower his head to see himself as if he was stuffing an inflated rubber ball in his stomach, both round and large. He sighed, raised his right hand to touch his 6-month-old belly.
The kid inside seemed to feel that he was rubbing him and suddenly moved a little. I don’t know if the kid’s feet were touching the right place he was rubbing or not, but every small movement fell into his palm. TK
If it were five days ago, TK would have been scared to death, but now not only did his heart not waver at all, but his expression also remained unchanged as he patted his round belly. “Good boy.”

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