No Weapons by L. Loren (ePUB)

no weapons, l loren

No Weapons (Preacher’s Kid) by L. Loren – Free eBooks Download


First Lady, Gloria Twomey, is sick and tired of her husband’s philandering. After a series of unfortunate events, she finds the strength to demand a divorce. The good pastor tries his best to get back in his wife’s good graces, but it is too late. She wants her freedom and will not be deterred.
Things take a dark turn when Gloria starts dating again. Pastor Twomey becomes her worst nightmare. With his personal life in shambles and his professional one not far behind, he turns to the bottle for solace. He soon begins a violent campaign to destroy his ex-wife.

However, there’s one thing he has forgotten… Gloria is a child of the most high and no weapons formed against her shall prosper.

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