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no more heartbreakers, tru taylor

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You can run from love… but you can’t hide.I’m sure as hell trying though. I used to long for bright lights and big cities—and even bigger love. But the last time I left the security of my small Southern hometown and followed my dreams… well let’s just say it didn’t go so well.Disastrously, in fact, and I came running back to the comfort and refuge of home. I learned my lessons, number one among them:No. More. Heartbreakers.What I’m looking for now—in life and in love—is safety.Aric Amore is definitely not safe.He’s six-feet-four-inches of missing Hemsworth brother hotness, and the sexy city-boy doesn’t plan to stay in “small-town Southern Hell” a minute longer than necessary. He’s planning to ride out his one-year contract then hit the road again—alone—the way he likes it. But then we’re assigned to work together, and it’s getting harder every day to resist the growing attraction I feel for him.I’d be so much more comfortable if I could simply ignore Aric. Unfortunately, he’s just my type—the type I’m so careful to avoid these days. Super-confident, charming, too gorgeous for his own good or anyone else’s, one of those elite players who produce bionic pheromones capable of turning even the smartest girl stupid, at least temporarily.There’s no hiding my reaction to him. My only hope now is to hold onto my heart… before it gets broken again.

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