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no matter what you do, gillian loesberg

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Lainey Coleson is pretty comfortable living her mundane life. Her most formal attire, a pair of jeans and a plain T-shirt. No boyfriends, parties, drugs, getting drunk, messy one night stands, or tight clothes. None of it.
When she goes off to college, her values get challenged when she meets Brandy. Her polar opposite roommate, who persuades her to write a suggestive checklist and encourages her to go to every party they’re invited to—or not invited to, by exercising the buddy system rule. If one goes, the other is obligated to.
Lainey couldn’t have guessed their first event would lead her right to Cameron Leary. Her ex-best frenemy’s ex-boyfriend who still, unfortunately, possesses an amazing face and a beautiful body. She tries her best to ignore those things, until she has a super steamy dream about him.
In a moment of desperation, she brings him into her marking-off-the-list journey. The thing is, she can’t let him find out about it. In addition to that, her parents are going through a separation and she needs a distraction.

Will this list prove successful and make it her best year yet? Or will it backfire and ruin Lainey’s chances of sanity and true love?

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