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no cap, lani lynn vale

No Cap (Carter Brothers #1) by Lani Lynn Vale – Free eBooks Download


You know when you see that big red flag, and you think to yourself, I should probably not go anywhere near there?
Yeah, Quincy Carter ignored that big red flag. He walked right up to that red flag, waving blatantly in the wind, and kissed the holy hell out of her.
Sure, he probably should’ve arrested her for breaking a restraining order.
He probably also should’ve stopped her from continuing to break that restraining order.
Yet… he can’t.
By the time he realizes he’s in deep, Quincy has no other options but to ride the wave of continuous disaster that is Hollis Aue.


Hollis Aue is on the road to revenge.
After a famous comedian rips her best friend in the middle of his biggest show ever and elevated her disabilities to the butt of his joke, her best friend spirals.
After finding out from a kindhearted detective that her best friend took her own life, Hollis makes it her new mission to make that comedian’s life a living hell.
The only problem with that is Detective Quincy Carter with the Dallas Police Department insinuates himself into her life, making it impossible for her to achieve her goals.
Try as she might, she can’t shake him, and soon, the lines between hate and love start to blur.

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