No Boundaries by Karen Kelley (ePUB)

no boundaries, karen kelley

No Boundaries (The Warrior Breed #4) by Karen Kelley – Free eBooks Download


Renegade prayed for death, but it was an angel who saved him.

She found him in the desert naked, bleeding from knife wounds, feverish, and left staked out for the desert animals to finish off. Her foreman said leave him as soon as he saw the sinister signature of Alejandro Martinez carved on the man’s chest. The leader of the drug cartel wouldn’t like her saving this man when he’d been left to die.
Amelia would do nothing that might jeopardize her own work. So far, Alejandro had left her alone because she never crossed into his territory—until today. The man was almost dead anyway, she reasoned. But the lines blurred between what she should do and what she was thinking about doing, and thoughts of her own self-preservation crumbled. Even if he eventually died, she couldn’t just leave him.

His memories are foggy, but he remembers enough to know he was involved with very bad men. His biggest problem is that he doesn’t remember exactly which side of the law he’s on.
Is he putting the woman who saved him in danger and risking her life? Right now, it’s his only choice until he heals. Except she has her own secrets. Dark secrets that could get them both killed.

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