Night Hack by Carey Decevito (ePUB)

night hack, carey decevito

Night Hack (Nightshade #4) by Carey Decevito – Free eBooks Download


A target of obsession…
Women murdered at random…
Can they figure it out before it’s too late?

She enjoyed life’s simple things—caring for her ailing mother, dinner dates with friends, and making the right career moves as a 911 operator. Who cared if Jana Elway didn’t have a man or still lived with her mother and brother? She was happy; that was all that mattered.
One evening, when he finally managed to pull himself from the job at a decent hour, a flirtatious encounter with a stranger leads Brycen Mathews to think there might be more to life than his dog, his immediate family, and his quarter stake in Nightshade Securities Inc.
When his co-worker, Shane Peters, shows up with a case that could use Brycen’s computer expertise, he doesn’t hesitate to jump at the task. His dedication to seeing it to the end is furthered when none other than his newest texting buddy walks through NSI’s doors.

For Brycen, two choices exist—life and happiness or death and misery. One thing is sure: catching a killer is always nasty business.

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