Night for Unsung Desires by Ava Damon (ePUB)

night unsung desires, ava damon

Night for Unsung Desires (Nightclub Kings #3) by Ava Damon – Free eBooks Download


She’s my obsession, a melody that haunts my every waking moment. And when it comes to her safety, I’ll break all the rules.
Andrea “Drea Joy” Kingsley commands my club’s stage, claiming a piece of my long-dead heart.
Her sultry and haunting voice wraps around me, a sweet temptation I won’t resist. Her body, a vision of desire, calls to the darkness within me.

With a stalker lurking in the shadows and her manager tightening his grip, time is running out to save her.
Protecting Andrea becomes my singular focus. But it’s not just her safety I’m fighting for.
I’m torn between the darkness in me and the light in her, battling demons that scream she’s too innocent for a man like me.
But every whispered melody, every lingering touch, every tempting taste make me crave a future starring her.
Loving her could be my salvation or my ruin. I’m ready to risk it all.

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