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Nick & Cindy (Rojo, TX #5) by Cee Bowerman – Free eBooks Download


Nick and Cindy are living the fairy tale, or at least, that’s what someone who doesn’t know them well might think. A handsome police officer who marries a caring nurse before they ride off into the sunset and live happily ever after is exactly what fairy tales are made of, right?
But in almost every fairy tale, there is a villain that the handsome prince slays for his princess. In Nick and Cindy’s story, their enemy can’t be seen. It lurks in the shadows and then strikes out to change their lives before it slinks away again only to come back another day. Nick can’t slay the villain that’s stalking his family; all he can do is hold his wife tight and help her through the battle.
Join friends and family that you’ve met and loved in previous books and get to know Nick and Cindy Cardenas who are a large part of the Rojo community. Join this couple through tears and laughter while they fight for the fairy tale that they deserve. They can get through anything as long as they’re together, and when the day is done, all that matters is each other and the family that they’ve worked so hard to create.

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