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newton, marie james

Newton (Cerberus MC #31) by Marie James – Free eBooks Download


There’s no shortage of victims in my work with the Cerberus MC.
When I first met Brielle Adair, she had just witnessed a family tragedy.
She was broken, betrayed, and terrified that her end was near.
She chose to curl up in a frightened ball in my closet, and I chose to let her stay there.
My own history told me not to force her to do anything. She had to make those decisions on her own.
In order to start healing, she had to trust me, but knowing the lifestyle she was raised in, I didn’t know if trusting her was the smart thing to do.
Does she really need our help, or is every tear and whimper a form of manipulation?
With the way I get lost in her pretty eyes, in the end, will it even matter?

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