New Moon by Megan J. Parker (ePUB)

new moon, megan j parker

New Moon by Megan J. Parker, Nathan Squiers – Free eBooks Download


It’s hard to hide when the forbidden magic you wield is written on your skin…

“Skin witch” Mikkie Locke has spent her life running; running from her past, running from hate, and running from shame. And when you’re a taroe working in an “in plain sight” magic shop, that’s easier said than done. Every day she’s away from the protection of her tribe is a day she’s risking death. The enchanted tattoos that cover her body are a constant reminder of who and what she is and serve as a beacon that scream “KILL ME!”

And the threat has just become more severe.

A new group of anti-mythos radicals have come to town, and she knows that the time has come once again to run. But Mikkie is tired of running, and between her anger, her assets, and the small team of four strong, sexy men who have her back, she’s beginning to think she might have a chance.
But in an ever-changing world, this threat has made changes of their own. The stage is set for a war, and there’s more on the line than their lives…

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  • New Moon – Megan J. Parker, Nathan Squiers ePUB



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