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The only man I can’t have is the only one I want.

My feelings for my boyfriend’s dad have always been manageable—just a little crush that I can ignore. He may be kinder to me than I deserve, and he may look at me like I’m the most beautiful woman he’s ever laid eyes on, but that doesn’t mean I’d ever act on how I feel.
But when my boyfriend derails our romantic trip, things start to change. He’s supposed to be making up for the hell he put me through, but instead we end up at his dad’s beach house for a week. I like his dad, so it could be worse, but I can’t deny how much it stings every time my boyfriend brushes me off.
Marcus, however, is the exact opposite of his son. Attentive, caring, and willing to drop everything for me when my boyfriend won’t. It’s enough to nurture my little crush into something bigger—something forbidden yet nearly irresistible.
The more time I spend with him, the closer I get to crossing a line. And with every day that my boyfriend shows me he’ll never change, I can’t help but wonder if maybe I’m with the wrong man.

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