Never Kiss Your Brother’s Best Friend by Kinley Raine (ePUB)

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Never Kiss Your Brother’s Best Friend (Love In Cedar Creek #1) by Kinley Raine – Free eBooks Download


Dumped at my brother’s wedding, mortifying. Consoled by his off-limits, yet irresistible best friend, intriguing.

I never should have brought my uptight boyfriend back home. He ditched me at the reception over some spilled drinks.
The good news: my brother’s best friend Sterling was there to comfort me. He looks better than ever with his wavy locks and to die for dimples.
Those gorgeous brown eyes still make my heart race, my knees weak. But my brother’s always made it clear he’s not an option.
Then along came a dog that could change everything. Our hometown is in desperate need of help with strays.
So Sterling and I are working to raise funds for a shelter. The more time we spend together, the less I can ignore my attraction.
He seems more than willing to cross the platonic line too. But I don’t want to lose our friendship or face my brother’s wrath.
It’s an unwritten rule: never kiss your brother’s best friend. So why can’t I stop picturing his lips on mine?

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