Nest of Thieves by Rory Miles (ePUB)

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Nest of Thieves (For the Love of Villains) by Rory Miles – Free eBooks Download


Who doesn’t love a bad guy?
My family is certain I’ll settle with a boring, law-abiding pack before I graduate from Omega University, but I have other plans. Dangerous ones that break laws, but what’s life without a little risk? With a little practice, my sticky fingers turn to skilled pickpocketing and I discover who I’m truly meant to be: a thief.
When a bank robbery that was meant to help me find financial freedom goes haywire, I’m taken hostage by a rough group of men. They have no idea who they’ve taken, but they’re about to find out. No one kidnaps Jo Walsh and gets away with it.
I hate them for taking my money, but respect them for their cunning plans. While I plot their demise, part of me wonders if this isn’t the pack I’ve been destined for all along.
They’re not good, but then again, neither am I.
Can I find a home in a nest of thieves?

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