Nanny For My Daddy’s Best Friend by Olivia Pearl (ePUB)

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Nanny For My Daddy’s Best Friend by Olivia Pearl – Free eBooks Download


My one night stand is now my boss and the father of my son.
Speeding away from my wedding, my car breaks down on the highway.
And who comes to my rescue… Liam.
My one night stand and father of my three-year-old son.
I thought I’d never see him again.
Now here I am, just as moist as I was that night.
With nowhere else to go,
He offers a haven for me and my son,
by hiring me as his nanny.
My mind was telling me no,
But “yes” was what came out my mouth.
Now I spend my days trying not to strangle him,
and my nights trying not to give up my goodies.
But he weakens my walls until my body and heart can’t resist him.
He has yet to notice the similarity in our son’s eyes.
With my secret in such close proximity,
It’s only a matter of time before he realizes that my son also carries his DNA.

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