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My Sister’s Man by Flora Ferrari – Free eBooks Download


I have a secret, something I can never tell anybody.
I’ve got a crush on my sister’s man.
Sure, they’ve never come out as official, but I’ve seen the pictures… June and Declan laughing together at parties, posing for the cameras, so clearly in love, nobody could mistake it.
When I visit my sister, I promise myself not to let my feelings interfere.
So what if I can’t stop thinking about Declan Dunne, with his intense eyes and his muscular body? So what if I can’t stop imagining steamy scenes every second of every day?
Even if Declan and June hadn’t dated or are dating, I know he’d never want anything to do with me.
He’s an older man, experienced, a CEO, and an alpha who could have any woman he wants. I’m a virgin with the bad habit of making a fool of myself.
So I stick to my books, disappearing into my writing so I don’t have to think about this temptation… it never stops. It’s always there.
I can ignore it. I think.
Then the impossible happens.
When he kisses me, I hardly know what to do.
I know what we’re doing is wrong. But I can’t stop.

Then Declan tells me something, something about him and June, and it changes everything.

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