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forbidden professor, ce ross

My Forbidden Professor (Blue Sky Empire #3) by C E Ross – Free eBooks Download


Stephanie Chandler. Heiress. Betrayed.
I’m an heiress to billions, and most people can’t see past the dollars.
They don’t care for me; they only care about what I can provide for them.
I don’t know true friends. I don’t even trust my lovers. Not anymore, not after… him.
So I hide. I bury everything about myself under piles of lies and deception.
It’s the only way I can be sure people like me for who I am. And it’s working.
People believe the façade.
Until I walk into Professor Black’s class.
Our attraction is illicit, but he sees the true me. For the first time, I know what we have is real.
I should turn away and do the right thing before it ruins both of us.
But I can’t.
Jacob Black. Aloof. Off-limits.
I’ve worked hard for my profession. I’ve sacrificed blood, sweat, and tears.
At thirty-eight, as a Professor of Business, I lead my field.
Nothing can distract me from my goals. My career, and the money it provides, are too important.
My attraction to my star student is reprehensible, not to mention unethical.
But for the first time, I realize how isolated I’ve made myself. How alone I truly am.
I’m responsible for so many people. I’m the top of a house of cards.
But when she’s in my arms, nothing is more important.
I know better. I must resist.
If we’re discovered, I won’t be the only one who suffers the fallout.

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