My First and Only Crush by Chloe Maine (ePUB)

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My First and Only Crush by Chloe Maine – Free eBooks Download


I’m the coach’s daughter, watching from the shadows as my father’s best friend and star player wins the World Series for his team. Trick Lowry is twice my age and a bonafide celebrity, and I love him with my entire heart.
It’s the kind of secret, off-limits crush that feeds wild fantasies and reckless ideas—like sneaking into his hotel room while he’s celebrating, just to have a little slice of him to myself before I have to return to college. I innocently surround myself with his smell, thinking he doesn’t have to know.
But when he finds me there, wearing nothing but his jersey, I get more than I bargained for. Because baseball’s most valuable player? He has hidden feelings of his own that have grown all season long, and now they’ve reached a fevered, possessive peak.
He wants me, too. And not just for a single night of celebration. He wants it all.

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