My Eye Adored You by Kylie Marcus (ePUB)

eye adored you, kylie marcus

My Eye Adored You (Monster Between the Sheets: Season 2) by Kylie Marcus – Free eBooks Download


He may only have one eye, but it adores her … he just doesn’t know it yet.

Reece Spencer became a monster after a Halloween party gone wrong, but instead of letting it ruin his life, he dedicated his life to monsters. After selling his portion of a successful investment firm, he funded the creation of a college for monsters just outside the monstrous little town of Screaming Woods.
This is his life now, trying to help monsters live as normally as possible, and nothing could disrupt that except for one new student who sets his entire world off-kilter: Kamila Letreuc, his former business partner’s daughter.
The last time he saw her, she was a grieving seventeen-year-old, and now she’s blossomed into a gorgeous woman. He may only have one eye, but he can tell how beautiful she is. Too bad she’s off-limits.
When Kamila’s father asks him to keep his eye on her, Reece makes a promise that soon becomes personal.
Now he’s got an injured Kamila staying in his house, flouncing around in his clothing, and keeping his eye and hands off her is increasingly difficult—not to mention that someone is out to kill his gorgeous little half-dryad.

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