My Ex’s New Boyfriend is a Murderer by Gaia Tate (ePUB)

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My Ex’s New Boyfriend is a Murderer by Gaia Tate – Free eBooks Download


One weekend. One fake boyfriend. One death.

Miles Rivera is the biggest loser in the world. Who else can get dumped twice, lose his job, and end up living on his best friend’s couch? And when her brother shows up on the porch, Miles is officially, royally screwed.
Kieran Callahan is everything Miles is not: a famous actor all over the tabloids. Tall, gorgeous, with razor-sharp cheekbones, bottomless blue eyes, and a muscular body that turns heads everywhere he goes. Kieran Callahan is also straight. At least, Miles thinks he is. Having him wandering shirtless around the house is a torture of its own, a distraction Miles can’t afford while figuring out how to get his life back together.

The cherry on top of that cake? Miles’ ex announces a sudden engagement to his new boyfriend and invites Miles over to their house for a weekend-long celebration. Taking pity on Miles, Kieran suggests posing as his boyfriend.
But the whole thing gets quickly out of hand. The public displays of affection are getting not-so-public. Their looks, kisses, and touches don’t feel so fake anymore. The lines start blurring. Or is Miles imagining things?

As he tries to navigate his feelings for Kieran, something else is going on in the house, something dark and sinister.
A sudden realization dawns on Miles, which he is horrified to say out loud.

He thinks his ex’s new boyfriend is a murderer.

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