My Dark Protector by Ashley Zakrzewski (ePUB)

my dark protector, ashley zakrzewski

My Dark Protector by Ashley Zakrzewski – Free eBooks Download


Sometimes your past can come back and bite you in the ass…

Teagan Madden has made plenty of mistakes in her teenage years, but now she has put them behind her and is about to graduate from college. That is, until Eric McKinnon shows back up in her life and threatens her. She calls on the only person who has been there for her since they met.
Jaxon Lawson has had his fair share of run-ins with Eric and knows how to deal with him. He steps up to protect her, and they tell everyone they are dating to keep Eric away. Only it seems to make things worse.
When Eric threatens Teagan and blackmails Jaxon… they have a choice to make… but do they make the right one?

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  • My Dark Protector – Ashley Zakrzewski ePUB



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