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curvy rival, leigh carron

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He’s at risk of losing more than just his clients.

Jazz Legend is fat, fit, and fabulous. She’s a former ballet dancer who channels her love of dance and the joy of movement into her new size-inclusive, women’s only gym—Fab Fitness—right down the street from Leo Foster’s club. Nothing like a little competition to heat things up.
Leo, a former hockey player and athletic trainer, has a different perspective on exercise. For him, it means discipline, hard work, and setting goals. Not motivational slogans, provocative dance classes, and kumbaya. So when he discovers bright pink flyers advertising Fab Fitness scattered across his parking lot, he sets out to confront the new gym owner. Only he hadn’t counted on the impact of those buttery curves and that saucy smile. Or that he’d be captivated by a free-spirited woman who meditates, creates her own essential oils, and was still in diapers while he was growing peach fuzz.
The undeniable attraction makes no sense to Leo’s logical brain, but his body isn’t listening. And if that situation wasn’t complicated enough, there’s a bitter history with his younger brother, Kai, that reaches a boiling point when Leo and Jazz act on their mutual desire. What was meant to be a single night of indulgence to “get each other out of their systems” leads to unexpected consequences, Leo finds himself torn between his beliefs, his brother, and the alluring woman who threatens to upend it all.

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