My Cocky Hunk by Trixie Belle (ePUB)

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My Cocky Hunk (Hunky Bossy Billionaires #1) by Trixie Belle – Free eBooks Download


In college we were sworn enemies…
In my fantasies we were a hell of a lot more…
And now?
Well, now he’s my freakin’ boss!
Nope. Uh uh. No.
This can’t be happening.
Griffin Keith is absolutely not sitting behind my boss’s desk.
He’s certainly not looking at me like he’s just won a decade-old rivalry.
And I definitely don’t find him just as unbelievably sexy as I did back in our college days.
…I guess today must be Opposite Day.
So this is what I get for company loyalty, huh?
Working my butt off for eight years, I’ve made it all the way to vice president.
But now the business is going under and look who’s stepped in to pick up the pieces.
Yeah, that’s right.
The cockiest billionaire in Manhattan real estate.
The one guy in this city who can get under my skin with a single smirk.
The tyrannical, egotistical hunk I spent all of college in hateful lust with.
Just. My. Luck.
I know Griffin’s only keeping me around to get his kicks in.
Once he’s bored playing with me, I’ll be fired faster than you can say “Hate you very much”.
What’s my plan? Well, I don’t have one… yet.
But you’d better believe that I’m not taking this — or anything! — lying down.
College may be far in the past, but Griffin is obviously ready to pick up right where we left off.
And I say bring it! Bring everything you got!
Just, um, don’t bring up our little mistake during Welcome Week. That can stay in the dorm room closet where we left it.

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