My Boyfriend’s Mafia Daddy by Lena Little (ePUB)

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My Boyfriend’s Mafia Daddy (My Boyfriend’s Dad #9) by Lena Little – Free eBooks Download


I never thought I’d find myself the target of a hit put out by my ex, just like I never thought I’d find myself at the mercy of a tall, dark, sexy man named Dominic Falcone, begging for his protection. He’s my ex-boyfriend’s father, and the one man who’s totally off limits—except Dominic makes me feel things that Carlo never did. Things that terrify me.
Dominic wants me to belong to him, and only him.
But can I escape the ghost of my past long enough to make a new future?

The moment I set eyes on the gorgeous Daisy Linden, all I want to do is claim her.
Possess her. Make her mine.
She’s my son’s ex-girlfriend—forbidden and far too young. But the night she shows up at my restaurant, terrified and desperate, I know that nothing will stand in my way of protecting Daisy.
I’ll kill any man who tries to hurt her. I’ll give her more pleasure than she’s ever imagined. I’ll prove it.
I’ll prove that she belongs with me and that she’ll always be safe in my arms.

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